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Ambox rewrite.svg Most French people of Celtic (Gauls) origin with admixture of Italic (Romans) Germanic (Franks) groups Different regions reflect this diverse heritage with notable Breton elements western France Aquitanian southwest Scandinavian northwest Alemannic northeast Ligurian influence southeast Large-scale immigration over last century half has led more multicultural society 2004 Institut Montaigne estimated that within Metropolitan France 51 million people were White (85% of population) 6 million were Northwest African (10%) 2 million were Black (3.3%) 1 million were Asian (1.7%)A law originating from 1789 revolution reaffirmed 1958 French Constitution makes illegal French state collect data ethnicity ancestry 2008 TeO (Trajectories origins) poll conducted jointly INED French National Institute of Statistics estimated that 5 million people were of Italian ancestry (the largest immigrant community) followed 3 million 6 million people of Northwest African ancestry 2.5 million people of Sub-Saharan African origin 200,000 people of Turkish ancestry There over 500,000 ethnic Armenians France There also sizeable minorities of other European ethnic groups namely Spanish Portuguese Polish GreekFrance has significant Gypsy (Gitan) population numbering between 20,000 400,000 Many foreign Romani people expelled back Bulgaria Romania frequentlyIt currently estimated that 40% of French population descended least partially from different waves of immigration country has received since early 20th century between 1921 1935 alone about 1.1 million net immigrants came Francenext largest wave came 1960s when around 1.6 million pieds noirs returned France following independence of its Northwest African possessions Algeria Morocco They were joined numerous former colonial subjects from North West Africa well numerous European immigrants from Spain PortugalFrance remains major destination immigrants accepting about 200,000 legal immigrants annually also Western Europe's leading recipient of asylum seekers with estimated 50,000 applications 2005 (a 15% decrease from 2004)European Union allows free movement between member states although France established controls curb Eastern European migration immigration remains contentious political issueIn 2008 INSEE estimated that total number of foreign-born immigrants was around 5 million (8% of population) while their French-born descendants numbered 6.5 million or 11% of population Thus nearly fifth of country's population were either first or second-generation immigrants of which more than 5 million were of European origin 4 million of Maghrebi ancestry2008 France granted citizenship 137,000 persons mostly people from Morocco Algeria TurkeyIn 2014 National Institute of Statistics (INSEE its acronym French) published study which reported doubling of number of Spanish immigrants Portuguese Italians France between 2009 2012 According French Institute this increase resulting from financial crisis that hit several European countries that period has pushed up number of Europeans installed France Statistics Spanish immigrants France show growth of 107 percent between 2009 2012 i.e this period went from 5300 11,000 people Of total of 229,000 foreigners who were France 2012 nearly 8% were Portuguese 5% British 5% Spanish 4% Italians 4% Germans 3% Romanians 3% BelgiansMajor cities. Main article History of France, Prime Minister 1st arrondissement Slopes of La Croix-Rousse Terreaux Martinière/St-Vincent, The Eiffel Tower La Défense disctrictThe economy of City of Paris based largely services commerce of 390,480 enterprises city 80.6 percent engaged commerce transportation diverse services 6.5 percent construction just 3.8 percent industrystory similar Paris Region (Île-de-France) 76.7 percent of enterprises engaged commerce services 3.4 percent industryAt 2012 census 59.5% of jobs Paris Region were market services (12.0% wholesale retail trade 9.7% professional scientific technical services 6.5% information communication 6.5% transportation warehousing 5.9% finance insurance 5.8% administrative support services 4.6% accommodation food services 8.5% various other market services) 26.9% non-market services (10.4% human health social work activities 9.6% public administration defence 6.9% education) 8.2% manufacturing utilities (6.6% manufacturing 1.5% utilities) 5.2% construction 0.2% agricultureThe Paris Region had 5.4 million salaried employees 2010 of whom 2.2 million were concentrated 39 pôles d'emplois or business districts largest of these terms of number of employees known French QCA or quartier central des affaires western part of City of Paris 2nd 8th 9th 16th 18th arrondissements 2010 was workplace of 500,000 salaried employees about 30 percent of salaried employees Paris 10 percent of those Île-de-France largest sectors of activity central business district were finance insurance (16 percent of employees district) business services (15 percent) district also includes large concentration of department stores shopping areas hotels restaurants well government offices ministriesThe second-largest business district terms of employment La Défense just west of city where many companies installed their offices 1990s 2010 was workplace of 144,600 employees of whom 38 percent worked finance insurance 16 percent business support services Two other important districts Neuilly-sur-Seine Levallois-Perret extensions of Paris business district of La Défense Another district including Boulogne-Billancourt Issy-les-Moulineaux southern part of 15th arrondissement centre of activity media information technologyThe top ten French companies listed Fortune Global 500 2018 all have their headquarters Paris Region six central business district of City of Paris four close city Hauts-de-Seine Department three La Défense one Boulogne-Billancourt Some companies like Société Générale have offices both Paris La DéfenseThe Paris Region France's leading region economic activity with GDP of €681 billion (~US$850 billion) €56,000 (~US$70,000) per capita2011 its GDP ranked second among regions of Europe its per-capita GDP was 4th highest Europe While Paris region's population accounted 18.8 percent of metropolitan France 2011, Paris region's GDP accounted 30 percent of metropolitan France's GDPThe Paris Region economy has gradually shifted from industry high-value-added service industries (finance services) high-tech manufacturing (electronics optics aerospace etc.)Paris region's most intense economic activity through central Hauts-de-Seine department suburban La Défense business district places Paris's economic centre west of city triangle between Opéra Garnier La Défense Val de Seine While Paris economy dominated services employment manufacturing sector has declined sharply region remains important manufacturing centre particularly aeronautics automobiles eco industriesIn 2017 worldwide cost of living survey Economist Intelligence Unit based survey made September 2016 Paris ranked seventh most expensive city world second most expensive Europe after ZurichEmployment. Chanel's headquarters storefront window Place Vendôme Paris with awning, Le Lycée du Parc Bastille Day military parade Marseille 2012. Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon (17th 18th century) historical hospital with baroque chapel City Hall Place des Terreaux built architects Jules Hardouin-Mansart Robert de Cotte.

Government Since 9 April 1956 Paris exclusively reciprocally twinned only with, On 10 August 1792 angry crowd threatened palace of King Louis XVI who took refuge Legislative AssemblyPrussian army invaded France later August 1792 early September Parisians infuriated Prussian army capturing Verdun counter-revolutionary uprisings west of France murdered between 1,000 1,500 prisoners raiding Parisian prisons Assembly Paris city council seemed unable stop that bloodshedNational Convention chosen first elections under male universal suffrage, 20 September 1792 succeeded Legislative Assembly 21 September abolished monarchy proclaiming French First Republic Ex-King Louis XVI was convicted of treason guillotined January 1793 France had declared war England Dutch Republic November 1792 did same Spain March 1793 spring of 1793 Austria Great Britain Dutch Republic invaded France March France created sister republic Republic of MainzAlso March 1793 civil war of Vendée against Paris started evoked both Civil Constitution of Clergy of 1790 nationwide army conscription early 1793 elsewhere France rebellion was brewing too factionalist feud National Convention smoldering ever since October 1791 came climax with group of 'Girondins' 2 June 1793 being forced resign leave Convention counter-revolution begun March 1793 Vendée July had spread Brittany Normandy Bordeaux Marseilles Toulon Lyon Paris' Convention government between October December 1793 with brutal measures managed subdue most internal uprisings cost of tens of thousands of lives Some historians consider civil war have lasted until 1796 with toll of possibly 450,000 lives France February 1794 abolished slavery its American colonies but would reintroduce laterPolitical disagreements enmity National Convention between October 1793 July 1794 reached unprecedented levels leading dozens of Convention members being sentenced death guillotined Meanwhile France's external wars 1794 were going prosperous example Belgium 1795 government seemed return indifference towards desires needs of lower classes concerning freedom of (Catholic) religion fair distribution of food Until 1799 politicians apart from inventing new parliamentary system (the 'Directory') busied themselves with dissuading people from Catholicism from royalismNapoleon 19th century (1799–1914), École Centrale de Lyon! Medieval philosophy was dominated Scholasticism until emergence of Humanism Renaissance Modern philosophy began France 17th century with philosophy of René Descartes Blaise Pascal Nicolas Malebranche Descartes revitalised Western philosophy which had been declined after Greek Roman eras His Meditations First Philosophy changed primary object of philosophical thought raised some of most fundamental problems foreigners such Spinoza Leibniz Hume Berkeley KantFrans Hals painting of René Descartes facing right black coat white collar, The Palais Longchamp with its monumental fountain, Opéra Nouvel (1831) renovated 1993 Jean Nouvel Geographically Lyon's two main rivers Saône Rhône divide arrondissements into three groups. Animated map of growth decline of French colonial empireFrance had colonial possessions various forms since beginning of 17th century but 19th 20th centuries its global overseas colonial empire extended greatly became second largest world behind British Empire Including metropolitan France total area of land under French sovereignty almost reached 13 million square kilometres 1920s 1930s 8.6% of world's land Known Belle Époque turn of century was period characterised optimism regional peace economic prosperity technological scientific cultural innovations 1905 state secularism was officially establishedThe French conquest of Morocco was one of longest toughest annals of European colonialism French historian Daniel Rivet puts casualty rate among Moroccans who resisted French occupation 100,000Contemporary period (1914–present). Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon (17th 18th century) historical hospital with baroque chapel, [email protected] Vieux Lyon (English Old Lyon) area Mediaeval Renaissance quarter of town with shops dining cobbled streets, As far French intelligence units concerned Directorate-General External Security (Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure) considered be component of Armed Forces under authority of Ministry of Defence other Central Directorate Interior Intelligence (Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur) division of National Police Force (Direction générale de la Police Nationale) therefore reports directly Ministry of Interior There has been no national conscription since 1997France has special military corps French Foreign Legion founded 1830 which consists of foreign nationals from over 140 countries who willing serve French Armed Forces become French citizens after end of their service period only other countries having similar units Spain (the Spanish Foreign Legion called Tercio was founded 1920) Luxembourg (foreigners can serve National Army provided they speak Luxembourgish)France permanent member of Security Council of UN recognised nuclear state since 1960 France has signed ratified Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) acceded Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty France's annual military expenditure 2011 was US$62.5 billion or 2.3% of its GDP making fifth biggest military spender world after United States China Russia United KingdomFrench nuclear deterrence (formerly known Force de Frappe) relies complete independence current French nuclear force consists of four Triomphant class submarines equipped with submarine-launched ballistic missiles addition submarine fleet estimated that France has about 60 ASMP medium-range air-to-ground missiles with nuclear warheads, of which around 50 deployed Air Force using Mirage 2000N long-range nuclear strike aircraft while around 10 deployed French Navy's Super Étendard Modernisé (SEM) attack aircraft which operate from nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle new Rafale F3 aircraft will gradually replace all Mirage 2000N SEM nuclear strike role with improved ASMP-A missile with nuclear warheadFrance has major military industries with one of largest aerospace industries world Its industries have produced such equipment Rafale fighter Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier Exocet missile Leclerc tank among others Despite withdrawing from Eurofighter project France actively investing European joint projects such Eurocopter Tiger multipurpose frigates UCAV demonstrator nEUROn Airbus A400M France major arms seller, with most of its arsenal's designs available export market with notable exception of nuclear-powered devicesThe Bastille Day military parade held Paris each 14 July France's national day called Bastille Day English-speaking countries (referred France Fête nationale) oldest largest regular military parade Europe Other smaller parades organised across countryGovernment finance. Main article Economy of France. A silver drachma inscribed with MASSA[LIA] (ΜΑΣΣΑ[ΛΙΑ]) dated 375–200 BC during Hellenistic period of Marseille bearing head of Greek goddess Artemis obverse lion reverse, Parisian hills hydrology Italy Rome Italy 1956 See also France 19th century France 20th century! Main article French architecture Main article Geography of France Amphitheatre of Three Gauls Roman ruins of amphitheatreMiddle Ages Renaissance. Fernand Braudel remarked Historians of Lyon not sufficiently aware of bi-polarity between Paris Lyon which constant structure French development...from late Middle Ages Industrial Revolution late 15th century fairs introduced Italian merchants made Lyon economic counting house of France Even Bourse (treasury) built 1749 resembled public bazaar where accounts were settled open air When international banking moved Genoa then Amsterdam Lyon remained banking centre of FranceDuring Renaissance city's development was driven silk trade which strengthened its ties Italy Italian influence Lyon's architecture still visible among historic buildings later 1400s 1500s Lyon was also key centre of literary activity book publishing both of French writers (such Maurice Scève Antoine Heroet Louise Labé) of Italians exile (such Luigi Alamanni Gian Giorgio Trissino)Lyon under siege 1793.