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925 North La Brea Avenue, Fl 4, Los Angeles 90038, California, Los Angeles County, United States
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Main Article French Cuisine

French cuisine renowned being one of finest world According regions traditional recipes different North of country prefers use butter preferred fat cooking whereas olive oil more commonly used South Moreover each region of France has iconic traditional specialities Cassoulet Southwest Choucroute Alsace Quiche Lorraine region Beef bourguignon Bourgogne provençal Tapenade etc France's most renowned products wines, including Champagne Bordeaux Bourgogne Beaujolais well large variety of different cheeses such Camembert Roquefort Brie There more than 400 different varietiesA meal often consists of three courses hors d'œuvre or entrée (introductory course sometimes soup) plat principal (main course) fromage (cheese course) and/or dessert sometimes with salad offered before cheese or dessert Hors d'œuvres include terrine de saumon au basilic lobster bisque foie gras French onion soup or croque monsieur plat principal could include pot au feu or steak frites dessert could be mille-feuille pastry macaron éclair crème brûlée mousse au chocolat crêpes or Café liégeoisSome French cheeses with fruits. Column dedicated Paris near Baths of Diocletian Rome, French poilus sustained highest number of casualties among Allies World War IThe Cabanes du Breuil Dordogne built between 1880 1920 show that some rural parts of France remained traditional areas until recentlyFrance was member of Triple Entente when World War I broke out small part of Northern France was occupied but France its allies emerged victorious against Central Powers tremendous human material cost World War I left 1.4 million French soldiers dead 4% of its population Between 27 30% of soldiers conscripted from 1912–1915 were killedinterbellum years were marked intense international tensions variety of social reforms introduced Popular Front government (annual leave eight-hour workdays women government)In 1940 France was invaded occupied Nazi Germany Metropolitan France was divided into German occupation zone north Vichy France newly established authoritarian regime collaborating with Germany south while Free France government-in-exile led Charles de Gaulle was set up London From 1942 1944 about 160,000 French citizens including around 75,000 Jews, were deported death camps concentration camps Germany occupied Poland6 June 1944 Allies invaded Normandy August they invaded Provence Over following year Allies French Resistance emerged victorious over Axis powers French sovereignty was restored with establishment of Provisional Government of French Republic (GPRF) This interim government established de Gaulle aimed continue wage war against Germany purge collaborators from office also made several important reforms (suffrage extended women creation of social security system) GPRF laid groundwork new constitutional order that resulted Fourth Republic which saw spectacular economic growth (les Trente Glorieuses) France was one of founding members of NATO (1949)Charles de Gaulle seated uniform looking left with folded arms, Pieds paquets Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon (Fine Arts Museum) main museum of city one of largest art galleries France Housed Palais Saint Pierre former 17th-century convent displays major collection of paintings artists (including Tintoretto Paolo Veronese Nicolas Poussin Rubens Rembrandt Zurbaran Canaletto Delacroix Monet Gauguin Van Gogh Cézanne Matisse Picasso Francis Bacon...) collections of sculptures drawings printings decorative arts Roman Greek antiquities second largest collection of Egyptian antiquities France after that of Louvre medal cabinet of 50.000 medals coinsThe Gallo-Roman Museum displaying many valuable objects artworks found site of Roman Lyon (Lugdunum) such Circus Games Mosaic Coligny calendar Taurobolic Altar. Marseille listed major centre of art history city has many museums galleries there many ancient buildings churches of historical interestCentral Marseille. Other religion (2.5%), With more than 10 millions tourists year French Riviera (French Côte d'Azur) Southeast France second leading tourist destination country after Paris regionbenefits from 300 days of sunshine per year 115 kilometres (71 mi) of coastline beaches 18 golf courses 14 ski resorts 3,000 restaurants31 Each year Côte d'Azur hosts 50% of world's superyacht fleet66, See also List of twin towns sister cities of Paris. Since 9 April 1956 Paris exclusively reciprocally twinned only with, Main article Health France Main article List of museums Paris, Main article Geography of France.

Main article Lyonnaise cuisine Paul Cézanne's Bay of Marseille Seen from L'Estaque. Administration Parc de Lacroix-Laval (115 hectares), Other landmarks laid out east west along historical axis of Paris which runs from Louvre through Tuileries Garden Luxor Column Place de la Concorde Arc de Triomphe Grande Arche of La DéfenseSeveral other much-visited landmarks located suburbs of city Basilica of St Denis Seine-Saint-Denis birthplace of Gothic style of architecture royal necropolis of French kings queensParis region hosts three other UNESCO Heritage sites Palace of Versailles west, Palace of Fontainebleau south, medieval fairs site of Provins east Paris region Disneyland Paris Marne-la-Vallée 32 kilometres (20 miles) east of centre of Paris received 9.66 million visitors 2017Hotels, Main articles Landmarks Paris Historical quarters of Paris List of tourist attractions Paris. Electricity provided Paris through peripheral grid fed multiple sources of 2012 around 50% of electricity generated Île-de-France comes from cogeneration energy plants located near outer limits of region other energy sources include Nogent nuclear power plant (35%) trash incineration (9% – with cogeneration plants these provide city heat well) methane gas (5%) hydraulics (1%) solar power (0.1%) negligible amount of wind power (0.034 GWh)quarter of Paris's district heating come from plant Saint-Ouen burning 50/50-mix of coal 140,000 tonnes of wood pellets from USA per yearWater sanitation. In late 12th century school of polyphony was established Notre-Dame Among Trouvères of northern France group of Parisian aristocrats became known their poetry songs Troubadours from south of France were also popular During reign of François I Renaissance era lute became popular French court French royal family courtiers disported themselves masques ballets allegorical dances recitals opera comedy national musical printing house was established Baroque-era noted composers included Jean-Baptiste Lully Jean-Philippe Rameau François CouperinConservatoire de Musique de Paris was founded 17951870 Paris had become important centre symphony ballet operatic musicRomantic-era composers (in Paris) include Hector Berlioz (La Symphonie fantastique) Charles Gounod (Faust) Camille Saint-Saëns (Samson et Delilah) Léo Delibes (Lakmé) Jules Massenet (Thaïs) among others Georges Bizet's Carmen premiered 3 March 1875 Carmen has since become one of most popular frequently-performed operas classical canon Among Impressionist composers who created new works piano orchestra opera chamber music other musical forms stand particular Claude Debussy (Suite bergamasque its well-known third movement Clair de lune La Mer Pelléas et Mélisande) Erik Satie (Gymnopédies Je te veux Gnossiennes Parade) Maurice Ravel (Miroirs Boléro La valse L'heure espagnole) Several foreign-born composers such Frédéric Chopin (Poland) Franz Liszt (Hungary) Jacques Offenbach (Germany) Niccolò Paganini (Italy) Igor Stravinsky (Russia) established themselves or made significant contributions both with their works their influence ParisCharles Aznavour, In addition classical restaurants Paris has several other kinds of traditional eating places café arrived Paris 17th century when beverage was first brought from Turkey 18th century Parisian cafés were centres of city's political cultural life Café Procope Left Bank dates from this period 20th century cafés of Left Bank especially Café de la Rotonde Le Dôme Café Montparnasse Café de Flore Les Deux Magots Boulevard Saint Germain all still business were important meeting places painters writers philosophersbistro type of eating place loosely defined neighbourhood restaurant with modest decor prices regular clientele congenial atmosphere Its name said have come 1814 from Russian soldiers who occupied city bistro means quickly Russian they wanted their meals served rapidly so they could get back their encampment Real bistros increasingly rare Paris due rising costs competition from cheaper ethnic restaurants different eating habits of Parisian dinersbrasserie originally was tavern located next brewery which served beer food any hour Beginning with Paris Exposition of 1867 became popular kind of restaurant which featured beer other beverages served young women national costume associated with beverage particular German costumes beer Now brasseries like cafés serve food drinks throughout dayFashion, Hôtel national des Invalides Paris its close suburbs home numerous newspapers magazines publications including Le Monde Le Figaro Libération Le Nouvel Observateur Le Canard enchaîné La Croix Pariscope Le Parisien (in Saint-Ouen) Les Échos Paris Match (Neuilly-sur-Seine) Réseaux & Télécoms Reuters France L'Officiel des Spectacles France's two most prestigious newspapers Le Monde Le Figaro centrepieces of Parisian publishing industry Agence France-Presse France's oldest one of world's oldest continually operating news agencies AFP colloquially abbreviated maintains its headquarters Paris has since 1835 France 24 television news channel owned operated French government based Paris Another news agency France Diplomatie owned operated Ministry of Foreign European Affairs pertains solely diplomatic news occurrencesThe most-viewed network France TF1 nearby Boulogne-Billancourt France 2 France 3 Canal+ France 5 M6 (Neuilly-sur-Seine) Arte D8 W9 NT1 NRJ 12 La Chaîne parlementaire France 4 BFM TV Gulli other stations located around capital Radio France France's public radio broadcaster its various channels headquartered Paris's 16th arrondissement Radio France Internationale another public broadcaster also based city Paris also holds headquarters of La Poste France's national postal carrierInternational relations! CEESO (Centre Européen d'Enseignement Supérieur de l'Ostéopathie) René Descartes founder of modern philosophyFrench philosophers produced some of most important political works of Age of Enlightenment Spirit of Laws Baron de Montesquieu theorised principle of separation of powers which has been implemented all liberal democracies since was first applied United States Voltaire came embody Enlightenment with his defence of civil liberties such right free trial freedom of religion19th-century French thought was targeted responding social malaise following French Revolution Rationalist philosophers such Victor Cousin Auguste Comte who called new social doctrine were opposed reactionary thinkers such Joseph de Maistre Louis de Bonald Félicité Robert de Lamennais who blamed rationalist rejection of traditional order De Maistre considered together with Englishman Edmund Burke one of founders of European conservatism while Comte regarded founder of positivism which Émile Durkheim reformulated basis social researchIn 20th century partly reaction perceived excesses of positivism French spiritualism thrived with thinkers such Henri Bergson influenced American pragmatism Whitehead's version of process philosophy Meanwhile French epistemology became prominent school of thought with Jules Henri Poincaré Gaston Bachelard Jean Cavaillès Jules Vuillemin Influenced German phenomenology existentialism philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre gained strong influence after World War II late-20th-century-France became craddle of postmodern philosophy with Jean-François Lyotard Jean Baudrillard Jacques Derrida Michel FoucaultMusic. Native language Main articles History of Paris Timeline of Paris, Marseille city that has its own unique culture proud of its differences from rest of France Today regional centre culture entertainment with important opera house historical maritime museums five art galleries numerous cinemas clubs bars restaurantsMarseille has large number of theatres including La Criée Le Gymnase Théâtre Toursky There also extensive arts centre La Friche former match factory behind Sainst-Charles station Alcazar until 1960s well known music hall variety theatre has recently been completely remodelled behind its original façade now houses central municipal library Other music venues Marseille include Le Silo (also theatre) GRIMMarseille has also been important arts has been birthplace home of many French writers poets including Victor Gélu (fr) Valère Bernard (fr) Pierre Bertas, Edmond Rostand André Roussin small port of l'Estaque far end of Bay of Marseille became favourite haunt artists including Auguste Renoir Paul Cézanne (who frequently visited from his home Aix) Georges Braque Raoul DufyEuropean Capital of Culture! Marseille also well known France its hip hop music Bands like IAM originated from Marseille initiated rap phenomenon France Other known groups include Fonky Family Psy 4 de la Rime (including rappers Soprano Alonzo) Keny Arkana slightly different way ragga music represented Massilia Sound SystemFood, The city also most important hub of France's motorway network surrounded three orbital freeways Périphérique, which follows approximate path of 19th-century fortifications around Paris A86 motorway inner suburbs finally Francilienne motorway outer suburbs Paris has extensive road network with over 2,000 km (1,243 mi) of highways motorwaysWaterways, Théâtre des Célestins (1877) designed Gaspard André E-Artsup.


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