58 Via Pavia, Bressana 27042, Lombardia, Provincia di Pavia, Italy

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Operare nel settore dello smaltimento e del riciclaggio dei rifiuti non è soltanto una fortunata scelta imprenditoriale, ma è piuttosto una decisione conscia dell’importanza che l’ambiente ha sulla vita di tutti.

Una storia che inizia nella prima metà del novecento, un’azienda con lo sguardo rivolto verso il futuro, uno staff motivato da valori solidi. VERDE s.r.l. nasce a Borgo Ticino a Pavia nel 1939 per volontà di Ettore Mascherpa che, con lungimiranza imprenditoriale non comune, riconosce il valore economico degli stracci e della carta destinati al macero. In una cultura del progresso crescente dove ogni cosa sembrava poter essere consumata voracemente e sostituita, Mascherpa punta per primo sul recupero dei prodotti. Dopo anni di attività, l’azienda passa ai figli Teresa e Mario che continuano l’opera del padre e ne consolidano la leadership nella provincia di Pavia. Nel 2000, VERDE s.r.l. trova casa nel comune di Bressana Bottarone per esigenze logistiche. Il successo dell’azienda prosegue sui binari dai quali era partita, puntando sullo smaltimento e il recupero dei materiali.

Al vostro servizio dal 1939. La nostra azienda è fiera di raggiungere il traguardo di 80 anni di lavoro, sempre al vostro fianco per un futuro pulito.

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Ancient Lyon, administrative language, Animated map of growth decline of French colonial empireFrance had colonial possessions various forms since beginning of 17th century but 19th 20th centuries its global overseas colonial empire extended greatly became second largest world behind British Empire Including metropolitan France total area of land under French sovereignty almost reached 13 million square kilometres 1920s 1930s 8.6% of world's land Known Belle Époque turn of century was period characterised optimism regional peace economic prosperity technological scientific cultural innovations 1905 state secularism was officially establishedThe French conquest of Morocco was one of longest toughest annals of European colonialism French historian Daniel Rivet puts casualty rate among Moroccans who resisted French occupation 100,000Contemporary period (1914–present). Main article Administration of Paris Saint-Exupéry International Airport (formerly Satolas Airport) designed Guillaume Gilbert Hauts-de-France. Tour IncityMuseums Main articles History of Paris Timeline of Paris Claude Monet founded Impressionist movement (Femme avec un parasol 1886 Musée d'Orsay)The 17th century was period when French painting became prominent individualised itself through classicism Louis XIV's prime minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert founded 1648 Royal Academy of Painting Sculpture protect these artists 1666 he created still-active French Academy Rome have direct relations with Italian artistsFrench artists developed rococo style 18th century more intimate imitation of old baroque style works of court-endorsed artists Antoine Watteau François Boucher Jean-Honoré Fragonard being most representative country French Revolution brought great changes Napoleon favoured artists of neoclassic style such Jacques-Louis David highly influential Académie des Beaux-Arts defined style known Academism this time France had become centre of artistic creation first half of 19th century being dominated two successive movements first Romanticism with Théodore Géricault Eugène Delacroix Realism with Camille Corot Gustave Courbet Jean-François Millet style that eventually evolved into NaturalismThe Thinker bronze statue from 1902 from Musée Rodin Paris. Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (located Villeurbanne), Network of highways around Lyon, Because of its pre-eminence Mediterranean port Marseille has always been one of main gateways into France This has attracted many immigrants made Marseille cosmopolitan melting pot end of 18th century about half population originated from elsewhere Provence mostly also from southern France.[page needed]. With more than 10 millions tourists year French Riviera (French Côte d'Azur) Southeast France second leading tourist destination country after Paris regionbenefits from 300 days of sunshine per year 115 kilometres (71 mi) of coastline beaches 18 golf courses 14 ski resorts 3,000 restaurants31 Each year Côte d'Azur hosts 50% of world's superyacht fleet66, As of 2009 World Trade Organization (WTO) reported France was world's sixth largest exporter fourth largest importer of manufactured goodsof 2016 World Factbook ranked France seventh largest exporter2008 France was third largest recipient of foreign direct investment among OECD countries $118 billion ranking behind Luxembourg (where foreign direct investment was essentially monetary transfers banks located there) United States ($316 billion) but above United Kingdom ($96.9 billion) Germany ($25 billion) or Japan ($24 billion) same year French companies invested $220 billion outside France ranking France second largest outward direct investor OECD behind United States ($311 billion) ahead of UK ($111 billion) Japan ($128 billion) Germany ($157 billion)Financial services banking insurance sector important part of economy Paris stock exchange (French La Bourse de Paris) old institution created Louis XV 17242000 stock exchanges of Paris Amsterdam Bruxelles merged into Euronext2007 Euronext merged with New York stock exchange form NYSE Euronext world's largest stock exchange Euronext Paris French branch of NYSE Euronext group Europe's 2nd largest stock exchange market behind London Stock ExchangeFrance member of Eurozone (around 330 million consumers) which part of European Single Market (more than 500 million consumers) Several domestic commercial policies determined agreements among European Union (EU) members EU legislation France introduced common European currency Euro 2002French companies have maintained key positions insurance banking industries AXA world's largest insurance company leading French banks BNP Paribas Crédit Agricole ranking world's first sixth largest banks 2010 (by assets) while Société Générale group was ranked world's eighth largest 2009Agriculture. Main articles French language Languages of France Organisation internationale de la Francophonie Judaism (0.8%) Université de Provence Aix-Marseille I.

CEESO (Centre Européen d'Enseignement Supérieur de l'Ostéopathie), Later came precursors of modern classical music Érik Satie was key member of early-20th-century Parisian avant-garde best known his Gymnopédies Francis Poulenc's best known works his piano suite Trois mouvements perpétuels (1919) ballet Les biches (1923) Concert champêtre (1928) harpsichord orchestra opera Dialogues des Carmélites (1957) Gloria (1959) soprano choir orchestra Maurice Ravel Claude Debussy most prominent figures associated with Impressionist music Debussy was among most influential composers of late 19th early 20th centuries his use of non-traditional scales chromaticism influenced many composers who followed Debussy's music noted its sensory content frequent usage of atonality two composers invented new musical forms new sounds Ravel's piano compositions such Jeux d'eau Miroirs Le tombeau de Couperin Gaspard de la nuit demand considerable virtuosity His mastery of orchestration evident Rapsodie espagnole Daphnis et Chloé his arrangement of Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures Exhibition his orchestral work Boléro (1928) More recently middle of 20th century Maurice Ohana Pierre Schaeffer Pierre Boulez contributed evolutions of contemporary classical musichead shot of Serge Gainsbourg. Le Panier quarter with Hotel de Ville church of Notre-Dame des Accoules This section needs be updated Please update this article reflect recent events or newly available information (June 2017).

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