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IncomeSaver is the only way to get a robust disability insurance policy from the comfort of your home. Protect your income today, Get IncomeSaver!. We live in a world where hedging against risk is an important financial consideration. We buy all sorts of insurance policies to protect against risk; to offset the risk of death and leaving our dependents behind with nothing, we buy life insurance. To avoid paying massive repair fees on our cars in case of accidents, we get auto insurance. We even protect against the risk of a burglar breaking in and stealing our worldly possessions using renters insurance. However, there’s one risk that we’ve neglected to account for: Loss of income. IncomeSaver’s one and only mission is to get people an insurance policy that protects against the risk of loss of income due to injury or illness. Disability Insurance is a pretty niche field, so you must be wondering, how did we come across it? Our founders worked at a fin-tech startup that offered free disability insurance as a benefit. After doing some further research, our founders couldn’t believe how few people had access to something as important to financial wellness as disability insurance. Many,


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369 Lexington Avenue, 3rd Floor, #358, New York, New York 10017, USA, United States

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